he likes you

violent ways
it stays
the same
for days
a name
a life-line

about time



Just as quickly as one gets used to an earthquake, I have become content with the unease. Constant. Vigilant. Eternal. Wary.

There are only so many words to say you are tired and you can only say them so many times before apologizing in and of itself becomes weary, too.

I never thought I was one to make demands but it has appeared to me that things that are not said will not happen. It is not a matter of ability, but of willingness. That is, if you can get yourself packed, you know?

I am starting to stumble, again.


I have always thought physicality was something too heathen for me. Words are and have always been my bread and butter, and physicality, well it just did not have enough of them for me to be interested.

Yet here I am. Ever since you left, I have been trying to replace you with metaphors. I think I forgot how it feels to feel anything but mind-numbing cold.

Words are and have always been my defense, my offense and everything in between. But I can not quite find the right ones to capture the silence after the crackling of a fire.


There is only so much space on the edge, when you came, I had been taking up all of it for so long. There are only so many ways one can bend.

Tiptoeing, perhaps just standing, uneasy, uneven, undone. There is only so much movement a still person can make.

There is only so much space on the edge, and the closer you are, fire crackling makes its way around, under, into me. There are only so many compromises one can make.

It preceded you, the fire. The tip of the knife had been red and burning for days already.


If my mind was a sea, your fingers would be imprinted on all the pebbles. All the fossils would be your fingerprints. When you jump in, so deep you can not tell whether you are floating or sinking, disoriented, an odd sense of calmness sets in. I am stuck in an uneasy moment of harmony. Immense pressure, absence itself is present.

But what are tides if not a caress? What is water if not an embrace? The ocean does not seem so scary anymore, now that you are here, now that you are the only thing I could drown in.

The Sea

Awaiting, I looked up, and there they were. The past, the present and the future, my body turned to dust, fingerprints all over it. I can never get enough of small realizations. There is so much to do still, all the eyes I have ever caught are staring right at me. A delusion of self-importance, perhaps. One thing I surely know, it is that the upcoming is here and not anymore so far, and peace is relative and the past has been catching up with me. Perhaps a new start, a new past, present and future. There, they were not.